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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Acapulcos, Mass Style

Good Mexican food is hard to find this far from the border. Being a native to Arizona, I know good Mexican food. It's my favorite food. Being this far from a Mexican restaurant on every corner has been tough. However, it is comforting to know that located right in the middle of Main St. in downtown Franklin, MA, there is a cozy little cantina where you can get all the authentic sights, sounds and tastes without the 3,000 mile commute. 
The people that work at Acapulco's are terrific. Friendly, attentive, personable and you can count on the same smiling faces every time. It's almost like family, if you're like me and you're there every Friday. 
Our Fridays, for the past year have typically ended with Margaritas and Chimichangas at our favorite restaurant. A pitcher of the house margarita will run you about $25 for about 8 glasses full. They offer a mild salsa just for the kids, so they can feel like the adults with their own salsa. 
If you have had enough of tasting things and would like your taste buds to go numb for the next week, you can request a bowl of the habenero to go with your fresh chips. However, if you would like to taste... ever, I would suggest sticking to the real salsa, which you will not regret.
If you haven't filled up on the chips and salsa, you'll want to stick around for some very tasty entres. They make excellent refried beans, so anything you order including the beans will be phenomenal. An item I would recommend, that you won't find on the menu... a bean and cheese chimichanga. Yes, that's right, a bean and cheese chimichanga. A delightful bean burrito on crack! As much as I have missed having all my different Mexican restaurants in Phoenix, I will deffinately miss my bean and cheese chimi more. 
The next item that I recommend is the Tacos El Pastor, with pork. These tacos come filled with finely minced, marinated pork that will tantalize your taste buds. These require a little work, as all the ingredients arrive separate on the plate, but it is for the best with this combination. Your receive a cilantro/onion mixture, shredded cabbage, and a special sauce which is made especially for this meal. I'm not sure what it is, but it's a perfect combination of tangy, spicy and sweet. With your 3 very full tacos, you get a hearty helping of their delicious refried beans, and rice, as well as a serving of a sweet, tangy mexican cole slaw, which always finds it's way onto my tacos. This plate will run your about $11, and you'll have enough food left over for lunch the next day. Unless you're like me, and eat like a fish.
Just a heads up, do NOT eat your entire meal. Request a box right from the get go and force yourself to stop half way in. You will NOT want to miss out on desert.  Most people think, Fried Ice Cream. Yes, that is a very delicious option and an addiction to a certain individual in our party. However, there is another option that will make you think you died and gone to heaven. A sweet, Cinnamon Apple chimichanga. Yes, you're thinking at this point, the diet jumped out the window about half way into the meal, but one bite into the Apple Cinnamon Chimi and it will no longer matter. It is worth every bite. 

So, next time you're in Franklin, stop by the Accapulco's and tell my friend Chuy, "Hi".

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