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Friday, May 1, 2009

Our New Chapter Begins

After much blood, sweat, tears and a lot of Vodka, I was pried away from my home yesterday. Six months of constantly working on bringing a fire damaged house to life, then 2 ½ hours after showings began, it was sold. I’m told that I am very happy about this, after all it means a whole new chapter in our lives, starting with the adventure across the country.

Every great adventure needs a starting point. Ours is the front yard of my sister in law’s house, a mile down the road from our old house. We’ve threatened to stay here for a few more years, just to finish the trailer. Apparently in order to do this correctly, we need a fully functional movie theater in every room and 7.1 surround sound with a built in sub woofer. I’m just waiting for my west wing to be finished before I’m ready to get on the road.

I started out the day yesterday an emotional wreck, quietly holding back tears… If you know me, you know, I do NOT cry. I hugged a few of my wonderful neighbors and said, “Talk to you later,” because “Good Bye” was not going to come out of my mouth. Receiving our nice little check eased the pain only slightly, so I announced that a shopping might be in order. Shoes didn’t heal the pain… Dresses didn’t do the trick. So we stopped at Village Liquor… That helped a little.  We then decided, we should pretend like we’re celebrating, so we went to the Longhorn Steak house… 

To be continued…

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