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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chevy's Fresh Mex

Last night I was craving something spicy and flavorful. Chevy's was an obvious choice! We have missed their fresh ingredients and roasted salsa, and we were all excited to be going there after our year in Massachusetts.
The atmosphere in Chevy's is very festive and casual. Patio lights criss cross through the restaurant and the whole place has a very festive and authentic vibe.
The tortillas are made fresh daily, with the flour tortillas being made right in the dining room.

I love the fresh and flavorful options they have on their menu. Anything involving asparagus or artichokes promises to be good, and they have several vegetarian options that involve these delightful vegetables. (Not that I'm a vegitarian, but some vegis are worth it.)

My mouth watered as I browsed through all the delightfully tasty options, and snacked on the fresh roasted vegetable salsa. Finally, my eyes came across that magic word... "Artichoke" I was very pleased to see that it was also used in the same description as the words "Mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, jack cheese, roasted pablano peppers and spicy habenero pesto sauce"
Chevy's KNOWS how to combine ingredients!

The combination of these ingredients was MAGIC! An indescribable combination of flavors that no one should miss!

I drooled over the desert menu that sat displayed on our table, but since I had forced all those light and crispy chips down before my meal, I felt certain I could pass on desert. My guests did not fill up on chips, clearly, so the Flan was ordered.
Now, I will be honest, I have never had flan. It always appealed to me, but I felt certain I didn't "need" it. After having this Flan, however, I am addicted!
I apologize for not having a better picture, I didn't expect that much flavor in such a simple little desert. As I proceeded to overfill my poor stomach, I decided that everyone should taste the Flan at Chevy's. Order your doggy bag with your meal and save half for later. Save room for desert!

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