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Friday, July 24, 2009

Chicken Tomatillo Enchilladas

Now, I know that my goal was quick, easy and healthy... but considering it was early in the day, quick and easy wasn't my most important goal... but Healthy, I got!
I've been dying to make fresh corn tortillas. So, I decided to use the skillet plates of my panini press and make some beautiful and healthy tortillas.
After throwing away a few bowls of crumbly dough, that I over watered to the point of mush... I decided to read the directions on the back of the bag, which I hadn't realized were there until I started cursing directly
to the bag.

After a few attempts at flattening the little dough balls, I discovered that a rolling pin and wax paper was the best method. The looks of my sad little tortilla blobs make it obvious that a tortilla press will be my next kitchen toy.

After my tortilla mess was cleaned up. (NOT being the quick and easy part of this meal) I proceeded to grill some vegis that I pulled from my refrigerator.
Like most of my meals, I did not start off knowing what I was creating. I knew that it would somehow involve my homemade tortillas, along with the tomatillos, green chillies and chicken.
So, I grilled the chillies, a yellow pepper and my tomatillos, threw them into my bullet and turned it into a sauce. I then blended cilantro, half a jalapeno (cause there are children eating it) and some green onions and threw that mixture into my crock pot with the rest. At this point it smells FANTASTIC! (I cook with my nose, so we'll find out how it tastes later.)

At this point, I just want to use my cute little individual baking dishes, so ENCHILADAS it is!
After about 6 hours of marinating in a crock pot, the chicken and tomatillo mix was ready.
I layered the homemade tortilla blobs, chicken mix and cheese, baked and created the PERFECT Enchilada.
I garnished my perfect enchilada with some light sour cream and some salsa verde.
I highly recommend you try this. And, let me know how it works for you... maybe you'll have better luck with your tortilla blobs. However, beauty aside, the flavors were EXCELLENT!

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