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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready, Set, DIET!

I finally got on the scale this morning and discovered that I was one pound past my comfort zone.
Imagine my shock! After all, I didn't eat the skin of those hot wings last night. It had to have been the pineapple on the pizza, it was just over kill. So, I was forced to make an exception to my regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday workout schedule and I headed to the gym on a Thursday to work off all that pineapple fat.
This extra pound of lovin' will never due and I am not one to typically have the patience to wait for a few extra minutes at the gym to help me get back to shape. So, I have informed my husband that it is officially time for the diet to begin. He smiled in sarcasm as we said in unison, "It's time for the Rabbit Food." This is my husbands affectionate term for the delicious, but healthy meals that I make when 'we' diet.
I have a balanced diet. I eat whatever I want, in moderation, and when the scale leans toward the dark side... it's time for the 'rabbit food' until I am back in the safe zone.
I've dealt with the fact that my weight will fluctuate. I realize that no matter what I do, once a month, I am a bloated lard ass, no matter what I do or eat, so why not enjoy food and life... taking weight issues as they arise. Well, the scale has 'a-rised' so it's time.

I don't see these times as the torture that some of 'us' see it. Quite the contrary. This means a challenge. I learn how to make all my favorite things, keeping the calorie count as low as possible.
Ready, set, Diet.....

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