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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Allentown, Pennsylvania, Finally....???

I don’t recall where I heard it from, but someone told us that we should visit Historic Allentown, PA. So, after a good several hours of sleep, we all piled in the car to go get lunch in the town that put us through Hell to come see.

As we approached downtown Allentown, we ooed and ahed over the beautiful architecture, noticing that these building must have been very old, because they appeared quite run down. As we drove and drove, up and down streets our "oo" and "ah" turned to “What the…“ and “Lock your doors.”  We continued to look for a place to eat, but that was now a back burner thought to, “How do we leave Allentown?” So, we stopped to buy hot dogs for the grill and headed back to the camper. Even with no cell service, it is still the more appealing option, but that could be the 4 hours of sleep talking.


Next time you accidentally find yourself in Allentown, roll up your windows, lock your doors, and drive quickly to the next town over, Hamilton. They have quite the impressive amusement park there.

Click the title to visit the Dorney Park website.

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