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Monday, May 4, 2009

Dinner at the Atlantic Beach Club, Middletown, RI

Pictures to follow... Network issues

Right across from Tickets is the Atlantic Beach club. It’s a large building and we weren’t positive that we would actually be allowed in since we weren’t sure if it was a members club or not. But they didn’t shoo us away, so we decided to stick around. We joked about the “No shirt, no shoes, no service” sign on the door, mocking the fact that it didn’t specify pants were a requirement, but then we noticed a second sign that said  “Proper dress required”. So, apparently, pants are optional, but dresses are required.


We were lead to the dining room, separate from the bar, which at this time appeared to be a 50+ night club, loud and hoppin’, (who’da thunk?)  The room was lined with windows, which over looked the ocean… and parking lot.


The waitress immediately came to our table and pored water in the nice goblets, already set, and then disappeared for about 10 minutes. Seeing as how we were one of 3 tables in the large dining area, we aren’t sure where she possibly could have gone. When she finally came back, she brought a lovely plate with olive oil, a mixture of parmesan and peppers, a few drops of balsamic and a few olives. Well, had I had bread, I would have been impressed. A few minutes later, as I was rearranging our delicious little dip, she brought us some of the most delicious French bread I have ever tasted. At this point in the meal, I had high hopes for this dinner.

Our dinners came with a dinner salad, which I chose to try the house made blue cheese dressing. Mostly because there was no Italian or vinaigrette… which I should have found suspicious, but I was blinded by the delicious bread. This might have actually been watered down mayonnaise with a blue cheese chunk in it though, so once again, my greens sat uneaten. No amount of salt or pepper helped in this case.

Since Todd and I have agreed to not order the same dish, so that we can cover more ground on this trip, he ordered the Village Pasta, which was a fetticini with a garlic, wine sauce and Feta and I ordered a simple Chicken Picatta. A perfectly cooked chicken breast covered in a lemon wine sauce and capers and garnished with several baked lemon slices. With it came a helping of asparagus, which was perfect with the lemon wine sauce, and a side of rice… also good with the lemon wine sauce… In fact, we should have lemon wine sauce on everything from here on out. 

Dinner was fabulous… aside from that failed attempt at a decent blue cheese dressing. The service was slow, but the atmosphere was pleasant and relaxing. We did not feel that the wait was an inconvenience because the location was quite pleasant.

I have to give this place a 3 Wandering Sisters. The food was excellent, the portions were perfect and the prices were very reasonable, considering this was a very nice restaurant. My chicken picatta, included a salad and 2 sides, and cost $18.  The pasta included a salad and cost $13. Both kids opted not to have a childs meal, which will run you about $3.50-$5. Instead one had a bowl of clam chowder for $4.50, the other a cup for $3.95. Judging by the size of the cup (being the size of a double shot glass… fork out the extra $.55 for the bowl, it was large enough to be an adult meal.


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