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Saturday, May 2, 2009

LongHorn Steakhouse

In an attempt to celebrate... morn, however you want to put it, the sell of our home in Franklin, we decided that a small shopping spree would be appropriate. It's my Prozac, and my dear husband was doing his best to cheer me up.

After a few dresses and a new pair of shoes for everyone, (only the shoes were for everyone) we decided not to avoid the savory smell of the steakhouse across the way. So, we headed over to the LongHorn Steakhouse for dinner and drinks with a friend and the in-laws.

We started out with a cold Wachusetts Blueberry Ale. 

Cool and refreshing with a hint of fruitiness… I have found one for the favorites list. Then the waitress brought us a basket with a small, warm loaf of a  sweet whole grain bread. Not wanting to be rude, we ate about 3 loafs between the 5 of us.

My husband and I had great intentions when we sat down and started browsing the menu. We had previously discussed how we should order a salad and an entrée everywhere we go and split the two, so that we would retail our girly figure. (Since we both stake claim on my girly figure, it’s referred to as “ours”) However, since I fall into that sad category of comfort eaters, I announced that we should get our own meals, as several of the little cows were screaming my name and since it would be glutinous to order all of them, I thought I could at least taste two of them. After all, my home was recently pulled right out from under me. It was the least I could do.

Our meals started with a Strawberry Pecan salad. Wild greens covered in Pecans, Feta, Strawberries, Mandarin Oranges and Grapes and a strawberry vinaigrette. To top it off, someone sliced 12 red onions (give or take) and strategically hid the salad with them. After removing most of the purple rings, we both agreed that this was a fabulous salad. Although, I could have done without the mandarin oranges, so the short red head at those, as he announced that he “likes salad.”

I was able to narrow my little moo cow meals down to 2 choices. My husbands dinner was the Portobello Peppercorn Filet, a 9oz. filet covered in 7 pepper spices, grilled and covered with Portobello’s sautéed in a cabernet wine glaze, with a side of mashed potatoes. (I was disappointed that there was no garlic mashed potatoes, but the waitress brought a side of garlic sauce to make up for it) My dinner was the Fontina and Wild Mushroom stuffed filet. A dainty little 7 oz filet stuffed with a creamy fontina cheese, roasted peppers and wild mushrooms and served over a roasted garlic cream sauce and a side of asparagus… Well, when you put it like that, how are you supposed to resist?

When our meals arrived, the initial taste test voted Todds filet the clear winner (The steaks did not photograph well). However, a few bites into my steak was when it occurred to me… didn’t I order something with a little more to it? Ah Ha! It was missing it’s stuffing! A dab of cheese in the center will not make up for the missing mushrooms and peppers. I informed the waitress of the mistake and she offered to have another steak brought out to me. I told her that that would not be necessary, but if I could get some of the sautéed mushrooms, that would be great. Instead I received a plate with mushrooms and peppers, covered in fontina cheese and baked to perfection. This little mistake could have been a meal all on it’s own, but combined with the juicy filet and garlic sauce… it was pure heaven.

I would say that this was a very enjoyable visit to the LongHorn Steakhouse, located in Franklin, MA. The service was great, the food was very tasty, and even the mistake on my meal was more than rectified. The environment was cozy and rustic, and the restrooms were clean and well maintained.

All in all, it receives a highly recommended 4 Wandering Sisters rating from this Diva Mom. 

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