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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A day of pampering for St. Patty's

Well, after having an unbearable combination of colors streaking through my hair, and an interesting 'shag' do, I went to a friend for some hair modifications. She's a local hair stylist that works from her home down the street, which is very convenient for me. I love the casual and friendly environment that this brings, and she speaks my language with the price. I highly recommend this salon... and the assistant, a very small brunette, is pretty adorable as well.
It did not occur to me when scheduling this appointment that there may be some issues with having a Irish hair colorist do my hair on St. Patricks day. However, despite her best efforts, she was unable to achieve the green hue she was looking for. Instead, we reached a beautifully toned ash blond with subtle highlights. I guess, I will have to resort to some form of colored beverage this night to show my Irish patriotism. I've been told I have Irish in me... and well, as you know, if there is a holiday which requires you to have an alcoholic beverage to show your respect, despite the color requirements of this beverage, I will not fight it! It's just how I roll.


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