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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

We all know, the price of life in general keeps going up and for many, the income is going down. There are certain things that quickly take their bottom position on the list of priorities. Often times we find ourselves cutting back on our beloved cup of coffee at the Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. (Depending on who's neck of the woods your in.)  Well, don't fret, I am going to share with you the secret to making one fabulous cafe style cup of coffee, for less calories than those guys.

For a wonderful warm cappacino, try this.
First, you'll need the following ingredients for a most scrumptious cappuccino.
1. A good coffee. (Personally, I find that you can get an excellent flavored coffee at Ross, TJMaxx or Marshalls for around $5 a bag. My personal favorites are the Ghirardelli brand.)
2. A full calorie creamer. (Don't worry, this is only for frothing ability, we won't use much.) My favorite is the coconut creamed creamers, these add an excellent flavor.
3. A sugar free creamer. I usually use French Vanilla or Hazelnut, because these are usually the most common options in the sugar free variety. (The sugar free is about 15 calories as apposed to the fat free, which is about 25 calories)

4. A handheld frother. This is normally about $20, although, you can find them at Ross, TJMaxx or Marshalls for around $5-$10.
5. Dash of Cinnamon or Nutmeg (optional)

Now that you're ready. First thing you'll want to do is make your coffee. I make mine in a press because the flavor is very fresh, but any coffee maker will do just fine. 
While you're coffee is "perking", add about 1 1/2-2 tbsp of the full calorie creamer into your mug. (The full fat creamers allow your cream to froth.) Then add about 2 tbsp of the sugar free creamer. (These measurements are assuming you are using a normal sized coffee mug, so depending on the size of your mug, you may need to adjust the measurements to taste.) Use your frother to make your creamer the consistency of about whipped cream, by lifting the frother up and down, you create the airing effect which will make it a perfect froth for your coffee (careful not to lift it all the way out of the liquid, it will splatter on you). Once you are satisfied with your cream, add the coffee and sprinkle the top with Cinnamon and nutmeg for a little extra flavor.

If you want to cool down, try this Iced Mocha Latte.

You'll need the following.
1. Coffee (this time, it is preferred to have a yummy chocolate flavored coffee)
2. Sugar free chocolate syrup.
3. Powdered Cocoa.
4. Some sugar free Creamer (French Vanilla would be perfect)
5. Whipped cream from the can. Optional

You'll want to prepare your coffee ahead of time so that it has time to cool in the refrigerator first.
You'll start with about 2-3 tablespoons of French Vanilla sugar free creamer. Add about 1-1 1/2 Tsp cocoa powder and use your frother to mix. You're not trying to froth, just mix the powder well.  
Next, add the ice. Then pour the coffee to an inch below the top of the cup. Top it off with some whipped cream and drizzle with the chocolate syrup.
By using cocoa powder, instead of the chocolate flavored syrup that you can buy in the coffee section at your store, you're actually adding a little nutritional benefit to your coffee, and the vanilla creamer sweetens it.  

So, there you go, cafe style coffee treats for about half the calories or less. To make these even more cafe style, you can purchase the hot coffee cups, or clear plastic cups (for iced coffee) at any grocery store. 
Invite a few girl friends over for some iced mochas on the patio, you'll never miss going to the Starbucks again.

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