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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pull the Trigger

Do you know what your trigger food is? I didn't even know what that meant. The trigger food is what kills your diet. If you want to keep to it and actually loose the weight, you have to identify your trigger food and cut it out. As the experts say, it's easier to avoid these foods than it is to eat them in moderation. (Boy, ain't that the truth!)
Here's the catch... How do you identify what your 'trigger food' is? According to eDiets, if you can eat the entire jumbo sized carton, box or bag of anything, it qualifies as a trigger food.  OH FRIGGIN GREAT!!! Now I am going to be limited to eating... .  .  .    . Well, I'll think of something.
 To take the "trigger foods" out of my diet would otherwise be known as "Anorexia". I think I'll take a different method.
I have about 6 weeks until we close on the house and we get on the road. This means, I have 6 weeks to loose this, um, pound (give or take 7).  So, I'm going to tweek the trigger method, just a little.  I need foods that I CAN eat a lot of...  So, here's my list...

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