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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My weakness

If I had to say that I had one weakness... yes, I know, a claim to have only one is a laugh all together... I would say it would be french fries. Just as I am heating my 260 calorie lean cuisine and thinking about how impressive it is that I will only be eating 260 calories for lunch... In walks the small child with a bag of Burger King fries. Being the sweet, generous and very busy small person that he is, he pawns this bag off on me so that he can move on to better things. Of course I decided to have a fry, because I am weak, very weak. They were cold, almost stale tasting, no doubt an hour or two old. I thought, 'geez, those are bad'. And I continued to think that with every fry I ate. It occurred to me, that clearly I will never meet a fry that I do not like. Clearly, they favor me as well, because they do tend to linger on my thighs. 
I had just decided to heavily salt my stale, left over fries when my meal dinged in the microwave. SAVED BY THE BELL! Even burnt around the edges and cold in the middle, surely this meat loaf and potatoes "cuisine" was going to be much more satisfying than some old stale Burger King french fries.
To be on the safe side... I will need to find something else to munch on. You know... the meat loaf and potatoes... not as delicious as you would think. Go figure.

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