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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Kashi All Natural Sicilian Veggi Pizza

While browsing the grocery store, I asked my two small children, "What do you want for dinner?" Being related to their father, of course, their reaction was, "Pizza!" So, I decided to get a few little mini frozen pizza's for them. Now, knowing that if I don't have something similar to what everyone else is eating, I will have to "control taste" every ones pizza... I decided to get myself a pizza.
I ran across this interesting option from Kashi and decided to give
it a try. It is the Sicilian Veggie. When I looked at the box, I saw the Eggplant, Curly Kale, Fire Roasted Red Peppers and Caramelized Onions on Kashi's 7 whole grain & Sesame with Fax Seed crust, which I have always loved. When I read further, I read that the sauce was a Balsamic-Infused White Bean Tomato Sauce. Right then and there they had me. Everyone who knows me, knows I love anything that incorporates balsamic!
This No Cheese pizza appealed to me in so many ways. I love that Kashi makes such healthy meals and so far, I haven't had anything from them that disappointed me, so as different as this sounded, I decided to give it a try.
It's a 10 inch thin crust pizza with 220 calories in each 1/3. Realistically, if you pair it with a salad or some vegetables, 1/3-1/2 of the pizza is very reasonable. Kashi is very good at combining the right ingredients that will make you feel very full and satisfied.
There's 11 grams of Protein
5 grams of Fiber
340 mg ALA (an Omega 3)
For those Vegans out there, this pizza is ideal

As far as taste goes...mmmmmmm! That Balsamic-Infused White Bean Tomato Sauce should be sold separately, I can think of a million things that sauce could be enjoyed with. The vegis on this pizza are not lacking in quality either! There is no frozen taste or tough textures with these toppings. This Pizza is a winner in my book. Perfect for an afternoon lunch with the girls.

Other Kashi pizza's include:

In the Original Crust:
Roasted Garlic Chicken
Five Cheese Tomato
Sicilian Veggie

In the Thin Crust:
Mushroom Trio & Spinach
Roasted Vegetable
Mexicali Black Bean

I have tried almost all of these varieties and I would highly recommend everyone pick up one of them next time you're at the store.

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