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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fuzzy Culprit

I was all prepared to tell you about my fabulous dinner tonight at Casa de Serena. I made some very yummy tacos. I made a taco salad for myself, in attempts to avoid any unnecessary calorie intake. Unfortunately, I have very little self restraint and I gave in and had one taco. Now my elliptical is snarling at me from across the room. Of course my back, stomach and husband would greatly disapprove a workout at this time. This leads me to my real story for the evening. The reason the husband would not approve of a work out right now is because we are trying to finish the last details on the house before the open house on Sunday. Just as I was finishing the kitchen clean up and thought my back was finally going to get a break, my husband informed me that I needed to paint the basement stairs before we could stop for the night (Oh goody!). It has to be done before he can lay the runner tomorrow. 
Not only was I to paint the stairs, but I have to do several coats. I believe I've made my thoughts on painting very clear to most people... but in case you were not involved in those conversations.... I hate painting. Just as I finished the first coat, limping up the stairs with my back in spasms over being hunched over from an entire day of painting... I reached the top of the
 stairs only to come face to face with the Fuzzy
 Culprit himself.  Mr. Trouble Maker. We stared at each other for a moment. I explained that he would need to resist the temptation to run down the basement stairs, despite the obvious urge gleaming in his eyes. He pretended to loose interest and started to walk off, giving me just enough time to reach the top of the stairs and start to shut the door. That's when that fat, fuzzy, pain in the ass ran down the stairs, right on the WET paint! Avoiding the MIDDLE of the stairs, which were left untouched since that's where the runner will go. Now, the left side of the stairs have Bugsy's "Personal touch". 

He let me know his feelings on the whole paw scrubbing incident. Here it shows in his face.

He was later seen prowling around, no doubt, looking for more wet paint to personalize.

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