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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rick's is the Place to be

In the little town of Franklin, there's not an over abundance of restaurants available within the city limits. Being a family that likes to eat out a lot, this can be a problem. Amazingly enough, the lack of variety is more of a problem with the member of the family that only sees there being two legitimate options for dinner. Pizza or Cheeseburgers
Occasionally, you need a good home cooked meal though. Fortunately, we know just where to go for that. I know... and yes, I love to cook, but I live with a man that thinks quality comes out of a blue box.  

We decided a while back that the best compromise for us is a little quaint diner in the center of town, named Rick's. The atmosphere is great, with pictures of fresh fruit on every wall, updated fixtures and a great faux finish on the walls. You can tell that this restaurant is clean and well maintained. We also adore the owner. He's always there, noon or night, and he's always friendly and personable. 
They have a packed 10 page menu that offers everything. Whether it's chicken pot pie, meatloaf and potatoes or a plate of Alfredo, you know you're going to get a delicious home cooked meal. They also offer crisp, fresh salads with delicious dressings, such as my favorite, the chardonnay
vinaigrette. For those with a limited view of what a home made dinner is,  there is also a whole page of the menu dedicated to some 
very tasty burgers. Since everything is made fresh, they can accommodate almost any special request.

As Rick noticed today, my favorite item on the menu is definitely the grilled Portobello Panini. The french baguette has a great density and really supports the juicy portobello and roasted red pepper inside. The grilled red onions are so flavorful without being overwhelming, and the
 balsamic glaze adds just enough sweet flavor to top it off. The flavors perfectly compliment each other and what you get is a fresh, healthy and very satisfying meal. I personally love to add honey mustard to my sandwich, however, Rick introduced me to their special Chipotle sauce today, which I loved. I would never have thought to add the Chipotle sauce, but it was excellent! 
Normally you get fries with your sandwich, but as you know I'm trying to loose a pound or two, so I stuck with my tasty side salad as a substitute.

We love our little home town diner and we're going to miss Rick when we leave. I highly recommend you pay him a visit and tell him that his Arizona customers say Hi.

28 W Central St
FranklinMA 02038
(508) 520-2424

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